The attorneys at AP Consulting can act as your local Middle Eastern counsel. The firm is composed of bilingual multi-jurisdiction lawyers and has acquired an International reputation in providing a full range of legal services on Kuwait Law, Iraq Law, UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) Law, Saudi Law, Oman Law, Libya Law, Egypt Law, Lebanon Law, Bahrain Law, Jordan law, Palestine Law, Qatar Law and Algerian Law.

AP Consulting's unmatched understanding of the business cultures in the region can provide your business an unparalleled advantage. The firm's lawyers have decades of experience in multi-jurisdictional issues in numerous legal systems. Our clients depend on our effectiveness in accomplishing their objectives in matters others are unfamiliar with.


Arbitrators of the Year

AP Consulting has been awarded Arbitrators of the Year for 2013.   more...

ICC Arbitration Settlement

The managing partner of AP Consulting, Ms. Reema I. Ali, was the expert witness on Kuwaiti law in an ICC arbitration that secured a large settlement for The Dow Chemical Company.   more...