Firm Profile

AP Consulting is a Middle Eastern law firm with offices and affiliate offices across the Middle East. In 1991, the firm established an office in Washington, D.C., that exclusively offers legal advice and counseling on the laws of Arab Countries and has acquired an international reputation of being the premiere law firm in this field. The firm offers a full range of legal services to a diversified client base, including well-known multi-national corporations resident in North America, Europe and Asia. In addition, we act as co-counsel to a multitude of premier US, European, and Asian law firms. As a Middle Eastern firm with offices in the United States, we can offer particular value to our clients through our ability to serve them on Middle East law from both the US and the Middle East offices. In addition to serving our clients, our lawyers serve as experts on Middle Eastern laws in both arbitration and litigation matters.


One of the defining aspects of AP Consulting is that we are a multi-regional firm. Along with our Washington office, we have a regional office in Kuwait. This office coordinates with our affiliate offices in other jurisdictions to facilitate client work throughout the Arab-speaking Middle East, particularly, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Yemen, Oman and Lebanon. Our staff includes bilingual multi-jurisdiction attorneys who are utilized by all our offices as and when needed. Our firm maintains a large network of relations with the public and private sectors in each jurisdiction, as well as an open dialogue with officials on the development and reform of various laws.


In addition to being multi-regional, we maintain a multi-dimensional practice. The firm has provided pivotal legal counsel on multi-billion dollar transactions hinging on complex legal issues and has been responsible for numerous precedent setting cases before the Court of Cassation (the highest court in civil law countries).

Understanding Business Cultures

Our firm is distinguished by the depth and scope of its legal advisory services and an unmatched understanding of the business cultures in the region. The firm's lawyers have decades of experience in multi-jurisdictional issues in numerous legal systems. Our clients depend on our effectiveness in accomplishing their objectives in matters others are unfamiliar with.

Networked Experience

Our knowledge, like our clients' interests, transcends regional geographic boundaries. All of our clients have access to the expertise of our lawyers and the firm's network of affiliates, wherever they are based. In this world of instant communication our lawyers function as an integrated team and are linked by constant interaction that allows us to bring to every client the wealth of experience of our firm and its network to serve our clients' needs promptly and efficiently.

AP Consulting Attorneys Offer:

  • A "Dual-Cultured" approach. Attorneys understand, communicate, and blend effectively within Western and Middle Eastern cultures.
  • In depth understanding of multiple jurisdictions that generates effective and pragmatic solutions to complex problems under the laws of less developed legal systems.
  • The ability to navigate through, around, and out of non-compliant business practices.
  • Access to local market feed essential for due diligence and strategic planning.
  • The ability to provide expert testimony on the laws of the Middle East countries in international and Western legal forums in a manner that reflects complete understanding of the workings and relations of both.
  • Advice based on current laws, pending legislation, and future trends that may impact your business during the lifetime of your venture.
  • Direct access to local litigators that understand the workings of the courts, expert departments, and government agencies of the Middle East countries.
  • A sterling dedication to ethical practices.

Practice Areas

AP Consulting is practicing exclusively in Middle Eastern Law and has acquired an International reputation in providing a full range of legal services on Kuwait Law, Iraq Law, UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) Law, Saudi Law, Oman Law, Libya Law, Egypt Law, Lebanon Law, Bahrain Law, Jordan law, Palestine Law and Qatar Law.

These summaries, while not capturing the full scope of the firm's work, offer a general view of the areas in which our firm practices.

Areas of practice include:

Corporate and Commercial Law
Oil, Gas, and Infrastructure
Trade Law
Intellectual Property
Public Procurements
Labor Law
Banking and Finance
Litigation and Commercial Arbitration
Industrial Projects
Securities Law
Commercial Agencies and Franchising
FCPA and Corporate Compliance

Practice Areas Details...